The Superhero Project

When children are facing a serious illness or disability, they call on enormous reserves of resilience, strength and courage.  We often hear doctors, parents and caregivers referring to them as "superheroes."  The Superhero Project is designed to encourage and inspire youth to create a Superhero alter-ego to help them face these challenges, and to create a unique art piece for the superheroes and their families to treasure.

It all starts with a vision.  Kids will be visited personally by one of our volunteer sidekicks, or can choose to complete our Superhero Alter-Ego form online.  Each child is walked through a series of questions intended to spark creativity and curiosity.  They describe the superhero they are inside - what they stand for, what powers and tools they need, what they wear, and more.  

Then our amazing design team goes to work.  Professional animators, comic book artists, children's book illustrators, and graphic designers turn the child's ideas into reality and create a fully realized color image of each one-of-a-kind superhero.  Each family will receive an 11" X 17" print, plus a digital copy to share or duplicate. 

If you know a child who is experiencing a significant health issue or is living with a disability, please reach out to us at !  All superheroes are created at no charge for families.


Message from a Superhero Family

"I want to tell you how much The Superhero Project really assisted C. in healing.  She brought her superhero with her for every chemo treatment and displayed it on her wall, showing all the nurses and doctors.  It made her very proud and helped her to feel strong.  She still has it at home and plans to hang it up to remember her accomplishment of beating cancer.

This program is so amazing and we are thankful for everyone involved, especially the people who capture the story of the children and the artists who create these heroes.  We parents all know our children are superheroes, but these characters help our children to realize for themselves that they really are superheroes!  I am so grateful - thank you all from the bottom of my heart."

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About the Superheroes on our Website

Each superhero image you see on our website was created by an artist specifically for a child, based on the designs they provided.  Some asked for amazing super powers or crazy outfits.  Some described themselves with special traits, while others created complete inventions from head to toe. The designers used photos of the children as well as their descriptions when crafting each unique character.  Visit the Gallery to learn more about each artist!

Special Thanks

We couldn't sustain our initiative without the ongoing support of our regular printers, Oliver Printing & Packaging Company, Wyse Advertising, and AGC.  They generously donate the printing of all our superhero posters, helping us bring joy to the families with whom we work.

Elizabeth Nici of Gusto Designs has created dynamic marketing, logistical and organizational pieces as a volunteer - we are grateful for her sharp eye and keen designs.

In addition to his beautiful superhero artwork, Josh Thompson of The Cure Starts Now has served as a creative consultant, logo designer and artist recruitment spokesperson.

Thank you for your amazing support!

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