Thanks for your interest in The Superhero Project!  Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] if your questions aren't answered below.

I have a child who'd like a superhero.  How do I start?

Simple!  Send an e-mail to or call 440.796.1605. You'll be connected with one of our volunteer sidekicks who will schedule a time to speak with your child.

Where are you located?

We currently have sidekicks in the greater Cleveland area and can travel as far south as Columbus for interviews.  As our project expands, we plan to recruit volunteers in additional cities.  Our artists live across the country - since we commission the designs online, we can use volunteers from coast to coast.

 My child isn't up for visitors - can we do this online instead?

Absolutely.  Once we receive your info, we'll give you a call directly to explain how to complete the superhero description form and will then e-mail it to you directly.  Take your time and write down all your child's ideas before e-mailing it back to us!

How do I know what the superhero will look like?

You won't!  That's part of the magic of The Superhero Project - since each volunteer artist has a unique style, their creations are one-of-a-kind.  You'll be amazed at how well they capture the spirit of your child's superhero description.

 How long does this take?

Once we receive the family info form, we will be in touch within one week to schedule a time to speak with your child.  After the interview, the designers have 1-2 weeks to return the completed superhero.  Sometimes they return right away - other times it may take the full 2 weeks.  It may take another week for printing and delivery, but our hope is to return the character as quickly as possible.

 Is there really NO charge for this?

There is really no charge.  If you'd like to make a donation to offset the cost of printing, we will happily accept, but you are under NO obligation to contribute.  We believe that this project can truly impact children in a meaningful way and rely on the generosity of our volunteers and artists to make it happen.

I am an artist who would like to participate.  How do you know I'm any good?

When you submit your inquiry form from this page, we will review the experience/occupation info you share.  If you are a student, we will ask you to send a sample character.  If you are a professional, we trust that you will deliver an amazing design for our participating families.

I'm a printer and would like to donate my services.

(Or, I know a printer who I can ask to donate services...)

Fantastic!  Our largest project expense is printing.  Please contact us via e-mail at and we'll gratefully make arrangements with you.  This is an incredibly valuable gift!

I'm interested in volunteering and working with families.  Do you need help?

Thanks for your interest!  We are delighted to welcome new sidekicks to help with The Superhero Project.  Please send us an e-mail, along with a resume or reference letter, to .