A Message to Families

"The Superhero Project came in as one of the first things to lift my daughter's spirits when she began her first round of chemo. It set the tone in her mind that while she was facing this difficult challenge, there were going to be people helping her fight along the way! That was so important for her. Thank you, Superhero Project!"   (mom of M., age 15)

"Please know that C. was super excited when she received her superhero poster.  She has been through a lot this year and it made her feel awesome!  You have a great thing going - we need more people in this world that help children like your program helped our daughter."  (dad of C., age 7)

How does The Superhero Project work?

If you are interested in having a design created for your child or a child you know, simply send an e-mail to .  The Superhero Project team will connect with you and, based on artist availability, coordinate the interview with the child.  We currently partner regularly with Angie's Institute, the Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Center at Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital in Cleveland, but can work with families from anywhere.

Interviews may be done in person in the Cleveland area, over the phone with a volunteer, or as an online document that will be e-mailed to you.  We recommend that you do not share the project with your child until after you have been contacted for an interview - due to the number of submissions, we may not always have an artist immediately available.

Once the interview is complete, the completed forms and a photo of your child will be sent to an artist.  Artists will have 1-2 weeks to create your child’s superhero alter-ego, which will then be returned digitally to The Superhero Project team.  We will have the character printed professionally and deliver the final product to you!

Families will also receive a digital file of the character, in case you want to print extra copies for family, keep one print at home and one on the road, or use the design for fundraising, on t-shirts or in other ways.

Ideally, we would love to get a photo of your child with his or her final character to share with the artist - there is no better reward than a superhero-sized smile!  

Who is Eligible?

We recommend participation in the Superhero Project for youth ages 5-15 who are facing a serious illness or health crisis, although we've worked with older adolescents and young adults for whom the experience is meaningful.  Families in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area may be visited by a volunteer sidekick for an in-person interview to learn about your child’s Superhero Alter-ego; if medical circumstances or distance do not permit this, a phone consultation or online form can be used instead.

If you know a child who is experiencing a significant health issue, please reach out to us!  All superheroes are created at no charge for families. 

What about confidentiality?

The Superhero Project respects your privacy.  We understand that families facing serious illness or injury deserve the utmost care and respect.  Only our staff will view your personal contact information and your location.  Interviews done in person will be brief, professional, caring and with good humor.

Artists will receive only your child’s first name, a photo (if granted permission - often times the artist uses the photo to be sure the superhero character shares features with the child), and the superhero description.  

What about payment?

There is no charge for families to participate in the Superhero Project.  All sidekicks are volunteers and the artists donate their time & talents.  Donations are accepted to cover the cost of printing, but these are not required. 

Ideally, we would love to get a photo of the final product with your child and/or family,  we will gratefully do so and send it back to the artist.  This is not a requirement, but there is no better reward than a superhero-sized smile!