A Message for Artists

"The Superhero Project is a way to leave reality for a time and imagine another world – it is a new way of seeing things. The collaboration involves going somewhere and doing exciting things, even if you're actually sitting alone at a drawing table or lying in a hospital bed. Stories and visuals are woven together – it is a way of sharing something personal with someone – someone you may never even meet."  (Christopher C. Darling)

Are you a graphic artist, comic book creator, animator, digital illustrator or designer? Would you like to create a character that will impact a family and provide joy during a difficult time? Are you independent, responsible and creative? If so, then we’re looking for you!

Step One

Once kids are selected for the Superhero Project, a Sidekick volunteer will be dispatched for the interview.  We’ll collect a description of the child’s superhero alter-ego - what she stands for, what he wears, what tools she uses, how he travels from place to place - everything the artist needs to create a character.

Step Two

We’ll then match each child with a volunteer designer, who will be sent the child’s name, a photo, and a full description of the character. Artists will have 1-2 weeks to create their designs, which will then be submitted electronically to the Sidekicks team.  

The designs should be scaled for printing as an 11" X 17" image.

Step Three

The characters will be printed professionally and presented to the families, along with a short biography of the artist and a digital copy. (Some families may wish to print additional copies for home and hospital, relatives or fundraising efforts, etc.)  If possible, a photo of the child with the character will be taken and returned to the artist to share the joy of the experience!

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Sign up today to create a superhero character!

To volunteer as an artist, please send an e-mail to sidekicksohio@gmail.com with the following details:

Your name

A brief description of your experience

2-3 samples of your work or a link to your online portfolio or website

We will send you a calendar of open dates to find one that works with your schedule.

Call or text 440.796.1605 with questions.